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Johnson Matthey

Project type

Discovery, Prototyping


Johnson Matthey (JM) had designed a new digital service for chemical production companies and was aiming for a launch in China. Significant questions remained: would Chinese customers like the product? Would customers share the data required to make the service work?

Helping a global leader launch a new digital service in China

How Sparksfly helped


We worked with JM product teams to create digital prototypes to test with customer testing. We then ran customer research interviews in Mandarin with the largest chemical production companies in China, led by Sparksfly consultants with deep experience of industrial research in China and technical knowledge of chemicals production.

We used the evidence to give confident recommendations on how to refine the proposition, prioritise new features and set the approach for data sharing.


The confidence to invest in a new digital service

The evidence and design recommendations we provided gave JM the confidence to invest in the new service. The new digital service is currently being built based on our recommendations.

Sparksfly’s abilities were outstanding: they quickly brought our proposition to life and conducted highly technical customer research in local language. The evidence and recommendations have given us the ability to move forward with our launch in China.

Ash Patel, Digital Product Lead at Johnson Matthey

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